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Photo Copyright Reinhard Krischer




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Reinhard Krischer

April 1, 2010

HE ALWEG ARCHIVES send a big THANK YOU to an imagineer from a certain theme park conglomerate from California who wishes to remain anonymous, but who wants to share information about his interesting monorail find somewhere south of the border on the outskirts of a well-known resort. He was "electrified" when he came upon stacks of concrete guideways (see photo above) and somehow at once had to think of "monorail". While he looked around an old gentleman approached him and from him he learned that these concrete guideways were once part of dual-track monorail amusement park ride called "Mexmono". The resort's former amusement park (ca. 1925 to 1951) had in the area been a popular attraction, particularly because of its extensive and in those days very exciting monorail ride. The old gentleman showed several photos of a model of the type of monorail vehicle used on this ride. He explained that these concrete guideways were the only things left of this amusement park today.

Photo + Model Copyright Reinhard Krischer

he monorail vehicles were evidently inspired by early developments in Germany, where a Mr. Kruckenberg had designed a rail-zeppelin. The propellers of these monorail vehicles were powered by electric motors. Power was provided by contact-rails, one on each side of the inverted-T beamways. The vehicles could be operated by adult riders, but could also be remote controlled when children rode them.

Photo + Model Copyright Reinhard Krischer

t is reported that once the Mexmono line of amusement vehicles included single-seaters, dual-seaters and special vehicle models that could be equipped with up to ten seats.

Photo Copyright Reinhard Krischer

he imagineer who provided this information hinted that his employer is seriously considering designing such vehicles for use in the well-known theme parks in California and Florida and Japan. Since during the current global financial crunch even these parks are looking for more revenue, new ideas are very welcome to broaden the ride spectrum offered to the public. It is being considered to use such vehicles for night-time use when the regular monorail services are not operated.

A very rare photo showing one of the socalled Mexmono vehicles in the fantastic "Stroboscopic Tunnel Passage" of this former Mexican amusement park. - Photo - Imaging - Model - Copyright Reinhard Krischer

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